Indoor Play
indoor play

Our building was built in the 1950’s, the character and charm of our classroom provides a homely space for children to feel comfortable. In each session there is a mix of indoor and outdoor play, weather permitting.

A three to four year session commences with the children sitting in a circle warmly welcomed by Sofi and Connie at the beginning. Sofi then engages the children with a changing mix of singing, puppetry and story telling.  Sometimes a story of intrigue is created when she has something hidden under a cover over a box.  The four to five year old session is similar, however, the children sit in front of Sofi for a warm welcome before they start some indoor play.  

Children are then invited to start their indoor play by finding activities to enjoy. On offer to the children to experience ranges from painting, drawing, pasting, play dough, coloured sands, music and movement, dress ups, a large variety of blocks to build, telling stories and writing them down, a home corner, play to stimulate the senses and puzzles and games. Some of these activities are taken outside too! Throughout the year, new activities are also on offer and opportunities for show and tell.

Next children will have some morning tea either inside or outside in the garden, then it’s time for outdoor play!  See our playground under the heading, 'outdoor play'.  For the three to four year old group, they return inside for a story before being collected by their parents and carers.  For the four to five year old group, they have another session of indoor play, followed by another session of outdoor play and finishing also with a book just before pick up time by parents and carers.

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